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Are you a victim of police misconduct?

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | Police Brutality

Police misconduct has emerged as a transformative and controversial issue in recent years. Interactions between alleged criminals and police officers receive intense scrutiny resulting in the reexamination of policing reform. 

In a civilized society, law enforcement provides the essential function of maintaining order and safety. However, some police officers may harm individuals with unnecessary force. Learning about laws regarding police misconduct can help you to preserve your rights. 

Police misconduct

Misconduct may include: 

  • Excessive force 
  • Brutality resulting in injury or death 
  • Violation of rights during arrest 
  • Evidence tampering 

Illinois House Bill 3653: Criminal Justice Omnibus Bill

The Illinois House Bill 3653 is a criminal justice reform package that became Illinois law in 2021 and prohibits law enforcement conduct that is unethical. 

The policing reforms in the bill include: 

  • Investigation of officers who deprive any person of rights or immunities protected by the U.S. Constitution or the Illinois Constitution 
  • Requiring officer-worn body cameras for all law enforcement agencies 
  • Prohibiting chokeholds or restraint above the shoulders with risk of asphyxiation unless there is justification for deadly force 

A strong, effective police force enables a community to thrive and feel confident that neighborhoods are safe and secure. Police officers can be valuable assets and improve the quality of life in our cities. Legislation that addresses police misconduct will help law enforcement personnel to provide guidance to the officers and safeguards for the public they serve. If misconduct has resulted in injury to you, understanding your rights is your first step toward protecting yourself.