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Where are the most accident-prone roads in Chicago?

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2021 | Personal injury

Avoiding auto accidents often means avoiding areas where they seem to happen the most. Even if you cannot avoid the most accident-prone areas, you at least can be aware so you drive more carefully in these areas.

FindLaw explains intersections always come in at the top of lists about the most dangerous roads, and it is no different for Chicago. Focusing on the dangerous intersections will help you to avoid them or to keep an eye out.

Western Ave at Peterson Ave

There are multiple issues at this intersection that make it more prone to accidents. One problem is the many car dealerships in the area that are quite busy and equal people turning on and off the roadway often. Another issue is the large number of lanes. Add the in and out flow of vehicles and the multiple lanes to the fact this road is often congested, and you get a good recipe for crashes.

Kedzie Ave at Belmont Ave

With lanes coming in at various angles, this intersection is made for accidents. As a driver, you have to pay attention to the roadways coming from all directions. You cannot just get by looking right and left. It also helps to familiarize yourself with the traffic patterns so you know what to expect when driving here.

Stoney Island Ave at South Chicago Ave

A popular spot in the city, the diagonal intersection is made more complex by the addition of six lanes of traffic. It is a very bad area. There is a lot of traffic here, and people can easily confuse the traffic flow. It creates the perfect storm for crashes.

The risk for an accident is always present no matter where you drive, but being aware of these most dangerous intersections can help you to try to steer clear of trouble.