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How do skull fractures harm you?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Personal injury

After getting involved in a crash or accident, you will likely suffer from damage to the head, neck or spine due to the vulnerability of all three areas. In particular, damage to the head can result in traumatic brain injury (TBI) and may even threaten your life.

You could also suffer from fractures of the skull, which can present equally life-threatening injury. But just how do skull fractures pose a threat to your health?

The force behind a fracture

Merck Manual takes a look at skull fractures and the potential damages they may cause. First, a skull fracture usually indicates the amount of force behind a blow. After all, the skull encases the brain and protects it from harm, so it needs to have a certain level of sturdiness that can withstand damage.

When the skull suffers from a fracture, the force behind the blow likely also caused the brain to slam into the skull. This can create bruising, contusions and internal bleeding. The brain may also swell, which can lead to certain areas of the brain having the blood and oxygen flow cut off. This can cause cell death and permanent brain damage.

The importance of seeking medical aid

On top of that, skull fragments can also cut into the soft tissue of the brain itself, creating even more damage. Though this is less likely, it is still a possibility that would require medical treatment. Keep your eyes peeled for potential signs of TBI or skull fracture and seek immediate medical attention if you notice any. This can include signs like seizures, repeated vomiting or trouble recognizing one’s surroundings.