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Can your age impact your safety when driving?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Personal injury

The older you get the more experience you have so it may seem like driver safety increases with age. However, physical limitations, a decline in mental function and even the development of irrational fears may actually endanger you while driving.

Knowing how age can potentially impact your driving can help you identify ways to mitigate your risks. Your effort to exercise caution may improve your safety and your confidence behind the wheel.

Physical limitations

Physical limitations can impact your mobility and make driving both uncomfortable and dangerous. Effective eye-hand coordination, reliable eyesight and ample limb function are all necessary to safely operate a motor vehicle. As you age, you may sustain injuries that permanently disable you. It is important to recognize when these limitations prevent you from safely driving so you can explore alternative solutions.

Similarly, do not hesitate to add things to the interior of your vehicle to make it more comfortable. Invest in good sunglasses. Adjust your seat to an appropriate height and add a cushion to your seat if needed.

Mental limitations

As you get older, you may also need to take medication to help manage symptoms. Some medications may impair your ability to think clearly. Others may cause drowsiness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that you ask your health care provider about the potential side effects of prescriptions you take. If there is even a minor chance of one interfering with your driving abilities, you should refrain from operating a vehicle.

Physical or mental impairments can have detrimental effects on your driving. Protect your safety when you know your risks.