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How can road rage influence truck drivers?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | Personal injury

Whether you are dealing with a spinal cord injury or brain damage, being in a truck crash can leave you struggling to complete daily activities.

One common cause of these accidents is road rage, which can happen at almost any time. Knowing the signs of it and why it influences truck drivers is important.

Erratic decisions

According to NBC News, a person feeling intense anger may swerve wildly around the road and endanger other drivers. This kind of unpredictable behavior can leave you feeling confused and nervous, especially around a large vehicle.

You may attempt to exit the situation and try to create distance between you and the erratic truck driver, but he or she may follow you in order to intimidate you. In extreme circumstances, this person may even exit the truck and try to harm you physically.

Broken road rules

Trucks typically take longer to stop at red lights or stop signs due to their size. When drivers are angry, they may choose to speed through dangerous areas and break these road rules.

Failing to yield for another vehicle on the road can cause an accident. This action is even riskier when truck drivers do it since a truck will typically cause more damage to other smaller vehicles like motorcycles and cars when they collide.

Distracted mind

With anger clouding the driver’s mind, it can be harder to notice vehicles turning in front of the truck or coming up from behind to overtake it. A frustrated trucker can cause a devastating accident if he or she focuses on something other than the road.