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What are the degrees of burn severity?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Personal injury

Burns can come from many different sources in one’s daily life. Anything from a hot beverage to a curling iron can cause burns.

Different sources of heat can cause different severity of injuries, too. It is important to understand how burns differ from one another in severity for this reason.

The most mild degree

Temple Health looks into the different degrees of burn severity. From the least to the most intense, there are first, second and third-degree burns.

First-degree burns are the most mild, without blisters but with a reddening of the skin. These often hurt and will worsen in pain if pressed or touched directly. Time, moisturizer, mild topical ointments like aloe vera and other products will often be all a person needs during the healing process, though of course, it is important to ensure that is the case with a doctor.

Burns that require immediate medical care

Second-degree burns will blister and involve multiple layers of skin. The pain is often more severe and may need oral pain relievers to combat. If the burn is two to three inches or less, it is minor. However, if it is larger than that or in a crucial area like a joint, the face or the groin, it is not minor and requires immediate treatment to prevent long-term damage.

Third-degree burns cause the most harm and involve all layers of the skin. Victims often do not feel pain due to the destruction of nerves in the area. Damage can be permanent, along with scarring. This requires immediate medical intervention no matter what the size of the burn happens to be, due to its severity.