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What should you do immediately after a dog bite?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2022 | Personal injury

A dog that lunges at you and bites you can send you into a panic. When this injury is large or painful, you may not know what to do immediately after this bite happens.

Understanding some basic tips to keep yourself from becoming more stressed can help you.

Find a temporary bandage

According to the Mayo Clinic, one way to prevent worse bleeding is to find a piece of clean cloth or a sanitized bandage and press it against your skin. Checking the wound can help you determine how deep the bite is and how urgently you need medical attention.

Some extreme wounds are puncture wounds that can cause nerve damage, which means they pierce the skin and may bleed more than usual.

Gather information

While you may assume you will only see blood, in some cases, you may notice puss or other substances that ooze out of the area in the time after the bite. You should ask the owner of the dog about what vaccines the dog had and how recent they were.

Rabies is a major concern for anyone who endured an animal bite. You may even want to exchange information with the dog’s owner so that you can contact them later if you need more information.

Look over the wound

If you notice the wound is dirty or you worry you are not up to date with your own shots, you may want to seek out immediate medical help. A bite can also cause an infection, so you should keep a careful eye on how your skin is reacting and if the area looks red or swollen.

Taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and heal after a dangerous dog bite is important.