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What are your legal options after experiencing police violence?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Civil Rights

Law enforcement officials are supposed to serve their communities and respect the rights of individuals. Unfortunately, sometimes police commit misconduct that results in serious harm and rights violations.

If you had a police encounter that involved violence or excessive force, there are legal actions you can consider to pursue justice.

Rights during police interactions

In the United States, the law permits police officers to use physical force when necessary. The amount of force needed can vary widely depending on the circumstances. For instance, law enforcement officers might use physical means to control someone attempting to resist an arrest. Police can also use force, including the use of weapons, if they are in immediate danger. It can be complex to determine when force is excessive, and the law allows leniency toward officers. Nevertheless, unnecessary violence toward detainees, arrestees and other individuals by police officers is not legal or acceptable behavior. State and federal laws exist to provide legal recourse for victims of police brutality.

Civil lawsuit options

Encountering police violence can have serious, life-altering consequences. In addition to physical pain, you might develop mental health issues after your police interaction. In addition, some victims of police violence experience a loss of income or have difficulty fulfilling household responsibilities due to injuries. You can file a lawsuit and collect damages to help compensate for your hardships. As a plaintiff, you can direct your civil suit toward the officers or the city depending on the situation.

Although law enforcement officers can employ force in certain situations, excessive violence is against the law. If you have experienced police brutality, you should consider your legal options.