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5 common causes of bicycle accidents that cause injury

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Personal injury

As the weather begins to warm, you may be ready to hit the road on your bicycle. Biking is an enjoyable way to exercise and appreciate nature, but it is not without danger.

Keep an eye open for these five common causes of bicycle accidents to help you avoid injury.

1. Distracted driving

Distracted driving is a widespread problem, regardless of your transportation mode. However, distracted driving is significantly more of a threat to you as a bicyclist. While you may not be able to make drivers pay attention, you can stay vigilant and watch for their erratic behavior. Consider adding a rearview mirror to your helmet so you can see drivers behind you, as well.

2. Speeding

According to the CDC, 64% of bicyclist deaths occur in areas where speeding is more likely to occur. Unfortunately, speeding drivers are difficult to see coming, but using a marked bike lane may keep you further away from them.

3. Dooring

When vehicle drivers and passengers open doors in your path, you may have very little reaction time to maneuver around them. Dooring is an “expect the unexpected” scenario that you may be able to avoid by riding in areas where there are no parked cars.

4. Failure to yield

Drivers and bicyclists are sometimes foggy on the right-of-way rules of the road, leading to avoidable accidents. Be sure to obey all traffic laws and watch out for drivers with whom you might cross paths.

5. Inadequate visibility

Your bicycle should be visible to everyone on the road. You might want to add reflectors or flashing lights to enhance your bike’s visibility.

Watch out for these five common causes of bicycle accidents to keep biking safe and enjoyable.