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Protection After Your Civil Rights Are Violated

At Montgomery Law Firm LLC, attorney James D. Montgomery Jr. has significant experience representing clients in the area of civil rights, having resolved numerous high-profile cases against law enforcement officers and prisons.

Authority figures cannot abuse their power by violating your rights. If they do, Mr. Montgomery will serve as the strong legal advocate you need to correct the injustice.

Guidance After Serious Civil Rights Violations

Mr. Montgomery can provide guidance after all manner of civil rights violations, including:

  • Police misconduct
  • Use of excessive force by law enforcement
  • Police shootings
  • Severe injuries or death in prison
  • Denial of medical care in prison
  • Excessive force in prison

He believes that proper access to justice is a fundamental right and not a privilege. Mr. Montgomery has a proven track record of fighting injustice and achieving a fair outcome for the victims. He secured an $8.5 million verdict for the victim of a police shooting in Johnson v. The City Of Chicago.

Equality is worth fighting for, and Mr. Montgomery is committed to fighting hard for his clients.

When his clients need additional guidance, he is proud to answer legal questions about their case, such as:

How Can You Find Out What Really Happened To Your Loved One?

When a loved one suffers catastrophic injuries or dies after a civil rights violation, any information surrounding the issue can quickly vanish. Even when you are entitled to the information you need, the relevant authorities may still not disclose it. Thankfully, your lawyer has several methods of securing that information, such as subpoenas and FOIA requests. Instead of trying to fight for this information on your own, let a lawyer put the law to work for you.

Does The Court Matter In A Civil Rights Case?

Yes. There are some key differences between federal and state courts where civil rights are concerned. One consideration is which party particular juries tend to favor. The juries in some courts tend to side with the police officer, while another court may produce an outcome more favorable to the plaintiff. Another factor to consider is whether or not attorney’s fees can be recovered. In federal court they can, whereas in state court they cannot. Mr. Montgomery will consider the full scope of your case and select a courtroom that will be most favorable.

Contact Montgomery Law Firm LLC To Secure A Determined Advocate

Mr. Montgomery is dedicated to protecting the rights of Chicago residents. He cares about your well-being and future.

If your rights were violated, partner with an attorney that has a track record of success. He will closely work with you throughout your case to ensure that he knows the details of your situation and that he is there to answer any of your questions.

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