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Transportation industry is the most dangerous in Illinois

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2019 | Personal injury

Work injuries can range from a minor cut to a catastrophic fall, vehicle crash, or equipment malfunction. The possibility of death also must be recognized, which strengthens the argument for safety precautions.

If your injury was severe enough to render you unable to work and complete day to day activities, seek compensation for bills and other daily expenses.

According to the latest information compiled by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 163 Illinois workers passed away in 2017 due to work-related injuries. While that number is significant, it decreased from 2016’s fatality total of 171 employees.

Types of events that led to fatalities

The two circumstances that accounted for 54% of all Illinois work-related fatalities were transportation incidents (61) and the broad category of slips, trips and falls (27).

Fatal contact with specific equipment or objects, such as electrocution, and exposure to hazardous chemicals accounted for 55 on-the-job fatalities.

Transportation and slips/falls also led the way nationally.


The Ilinois industry that most commonly dealt with work-related deaths was the private transportation and warehousing industry.

The construction and extraction industry was identified as the second most dangerous industry accounting for 26 work-related deaths.

The Illinois occupations that led to the most workplace fatalities were transportation and material moving-related jobs. Among jobs in that category, heavy and commercial truck drivers accounted for 34 of the 59 total fatalities. As suggested by the numbers, transportation jobs and precisely trucking positions have long been dangerous occupations.

Due to more men than women working in dangerous environments, men accounted for 91% of all Illinois work-related fatalities and 94% of them nationwide.

Caucasians accounted for 80 percent of deaths that occurred on the job in Illinois. The age group that fell subject to the most work-related deaths in Illinois were those ages 25-34.


Workplace safety is vitally important. If you feel you could implement safety protocols for yourself and your fellow employees, do so.

If you do experience a workplace injury, don’t forget about your rights and fight for due compensation.