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Civil Rights

$5 million – Family of Chequita Adams

27-year-old, Chequita Adams was killed in a high-speed chase in June 2017 that also left an off-duty Chicago Police officer dead. The officer ran through a red light at Roosevelt Road and Kostner Avenue as he was being chased by other officers, who thought his car matched the description of one used in an earlier carjacking. Shortly after the crash, the Adams family filed a federal lawsuit naming the city, Clark’s estate, and the driver of the pursuing police vehicle. Chicago taxpayers will spend $4.9 million to compensate the family.

$500,000 – Holmes v. Fredericksen

On September 20, 2013, Lynwood, Illinois, police sergeant Brandin Fredericksen punched jail detainee Randolph Holmes in the jaw while Holmes was handcuffed behind his back, Fredericksen broke Holmes’ nose and gave him a concussion. The case settled in federal court for $500,000.

$900,000 – Estate of Jeffrey Lewis v. City of Waukegan

Jeffrey Lewis was a 17-year-old in Lake County, Illinois, who got into a tussle with his older brother. Their mother, who just got out of the hospital, called 911 for assistance in calming down the boys. The boys took their fight to the front yard of their house. Eventually, two police officers arrived. One officer held the older brother in a bear hug while the other officer grabbed a hammer-wielding younger brother and threw him across the yard. Dash cam video showed that after throwing the younger boy across the yard out of the reach of danger, the officer lifted his gun and shot, took a step forward and lowered his gun as the boy fell to the ground and shot a second time; then that same officer took another step forward and shot the boy a third time as he lay on the ground. The City of Waukegan settled for just under $1 million.

$800,000 – Estate of Corey Dean Bailey v. Dallas County, Texas

Corey Bailey, 31-years-old, was jailed for 90 days on June 16, 2008, for a DUI. Days later on June 27, 2008, he became paranoid and was forcibly transported from one jail tower to the psych tower where presumably he could get medical/psych care. Guards struggled with him, pepper sprayed him, held him in a chokehold and placed a plastic garbage bag over his face. Minutes later he was found not breathing in his cell. This case was settled with Dallas County for $800,000.

$8.5 Million – Estate of Aaron Harrison v. Chicago Police Department

18-year-old Aaron Harrison was standing on a street corner with others when a self-described wolf pack of police cars drove by. One police vehicle drove straight at Aaron and jumped the curb. Aaron ran and police chased him on foot. Aaron ran through alleys and yards zigzagging and taunting the pursuing officer. As Aaron crossed the alley in front of one of the officers and then entered another yard, that officer pulled out a gun and shot Aaron in the back. A gun was recovered at the scene. The officers maintained that Aaron had a gun while five civilian witnesses testified that there was no gun. Forensics showed no fingerprints from Aaron and DNA from a drop of Aaron’s blood on the tip of the gun. Mr. Montgomery argued that based on the evidence the gun was planted and that the police account was fabricated. The jury agreed and awarded $8.5 million.

Medical Malpractice

$7.5 Million – Estate of Johnnie Packnett v. Schwab Rehab Hospital Care Network

Johnnie Packnett was a 69-year-old mother and grandmother who, while recovering from a broken hip at Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital in Chicago, was placed in a shower chair and given a shower. Her nurse failed to secure the shower chair, and Ms. Packnett was impaled when the seat slid away from the frame of the chair. Ms. Packnett was on a ventilator for seven months as a result of the negligence of the hospital and eventually succumbed to her injuries and died. At trial, the jury awarded $7.5 million.

Personal Injury

$2,676,960 – Anthony Williams vs. BNSF & QTS

Anthony Williams was a crane operator at a BNSF intermodal yard. His job was to move containers from trains and crane them over to truck chassis. One night, he was given the job of two employees to crane 12 containers and then to get out of his crane and secure each container to each chassis. In the process, he permanently injured his back while using an iron bar to engage the chassis locks as he was trained. BNSF claimed that the use of iron bar was improper. Mr. Williams argued that the BNSF training was inconsistent and demonstrated that BNSF was negligent in its training and supervision of Mr. Williams. The jury awarded Mr. Williams $1.3 million after accounting for his own negligence.


$6.5 Million – Estate of Kevetta Davis v. VIACOM, INC.

19-year-old Kevetta Davis was driving home from school in southern Illinois when a box truck carrying sound equipment to the next MTV “Rock of Love Bus” venue crossed over the median and struck Ms. Davis’ car head-on, killing her. This case settled for $6.5 million after one year of litigation.

$7.365 Million – Estate of George F. Harris Jr. v. United Road Towing Inc.

On July 10, 2009, George Harris was a passenger seated in the third-row seat of a 2004 Chevy Ventura van. The van was rear-ended at 25 mph by a flatbed tow truck. The force of the impact left the tow truck embedded in the back of the van with 3.5 feet intrusion, causing severe spinal injuries to George Harris and as well as injury other passengers in the vehicle. Mr. Harris died of his injuries at a hospital 4.5 hours later. The jury awarded his estate $7.365 million.

Wrongful Death

$1.81 Million – Estate of DaShand v. Epitome Restaurant & Night Club

DaShand was a paying guest at the E2 nightclub on a Sunday night (Ladies’ Night) when the disc jockey affiliated with WGCI (Clear Channel Communications) shouted for security to mace persons in the crowd. The crowd stampeded to the exits and several persons, including DaShand, were killed. DaShand’s family settled with Clear Channel for $1.8 million.

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