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Holding Medical Professionals Responsible For Operating Room Errors

Undergoing surgery is a nerve-wracking experience, even when everything proceeds smoothly. Unfortunately, all too often, patients are harmed from avoidable errors suffered in the operating room.

At the Chicago firm of Montgomery Law Firm LLC, we advocate for individuals suffering from surgical errors and from defective medical products. Attorney James D. Montgomery Jr. is a dedicated ally of medical malpractice victims and has been for over 35 years. He defends the rights of injured patients for compensation from medical injuries including:

  • Nerve damage from medical instrument error
  • Organ perforation leading to excessive bleeding and severe infection
  • Oxygen deprivation leading to brain damage
  • Objects left in the body during surgery
  • Improper application or dosage of anesthesia

In addition, some patients undergo surgery on the wrong side of the body or receive the wrong surgery altogether. This makes it necessary to undergo another surgery while their health is already compromised, placing them at even greater risk of adverse medical outcomes.

Why Do Errors Happen?

Many clients want a reason for their suffering. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy question to answer, as many factors can be at play. Common causes of surgical errors include poor operating room organization, inattentiveness of the surgeon or anesthesiologist, improper training, under-staffing at the hospital or miscommunication between medical providers.

The bottom line is that medical professionals and the medical facility itself are responsible for their actions and need to compensate those whom they injure or kill due to their mistakes. Montgomery Law Firm LLC, stands ready to strongly represent clients injured from mishandled medical procedures.

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