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What treatment options are available for a hip fracture?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Personal injury

When on another person or institution’s property, you should expect safety. The property owner has an obligation to ensure safety as is reasonable. Slip and fall accidents are common but can result in serious injuries, including hip fractures.

The Mayo Clinic explains that hip fractures can occur in two locations: the upper portion of the femur and the part of the femur that faces outward.

Surgical intervention

Most hip fractures require surgical intervention. The overall treatment may include surgery, rehabilitation and medication to prevent infection or blood clots. The type of surgery you undergo depends on the severity of the fracture. A total hip replacement involves replacing the bones and sockets with artificial pieces. Internal screws, on the other hand, hold the bone together while it heals. A partial hip replacement does not replace the socket.


After surgery, you may need to participate in strengthening exercises to recover your full range of motion and strength. The type of surgery you undergo will determine how much rehabilitation you need. Some surgeries require you to go to an extended care facility where you can learn how to function independently again. In addition, rehabilitation can help you learn how to function daily, dressing, bathing and cooking. Your rehabilitation therapist will determine if you need mobility aids following the surgery.

Occupational therapists can help you learn how to function similarly to how you did previously. Sometimes, you might also have to learn new skills or change your current career to fit your abilities.